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A seamless open display booth that acted as an effective back drop for LG’s latest and greatest technology hardware at the largest technology event in Australia.

LG designed a bright and spacious custom-built display to showcase the latest in electronics.  The display featured the OLED Dual View Curved/Flat Screens and ULTRA stretch signage.

icatchers was excited to be engaged by LG (Life’s Good – Korea) to construct their designed display for Integrate in Melbourne in 2017.  The display was to be constructed in a way which showcased LG’s product and made it “stand out” whilst sitting within the confines of the display seamlessly. The display needed to complement LG’s products and equipment professionally and fit easily within the design.

This booth had various storerooms to house hardware requirements, a café/bar area for hospitality with suitable rigging and lighting to showcase LG’s products. The display was built to the highest standards and all within LG’s strict quality control and corporate guidelines.

The site consisted of a 21.0m x 9.0m footprint allowing LG to display a large amount of new commercial and domestic screens. Some of LG’s products were double sided, had movement within the screens to reshape themselves via remote control and were large seamless screens with no visual joins, to showcase the latest and greatest in technology hardware.

The booth had great branding throughout with clear recognition of the LG brand and concise information about each products capabilities for ease of use within the right environment.

The icatchers team created an exceptional booth and experience overall for the LG team whilst offering a premium service throughout their project. This included full management of their project from start to finish – consultation, construction, transportation, installation, service throughout the event and dismantle.

LG were proud to exhibit from their display which created a memorable experience for their prospective clients and staff representing the professional LG brand.

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