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Visit Mario in this big, bright, custom stand complete with active gaming consoles that showcase the new hybrid game Nintendo Switch and the latest Super Mario Odyssey adventure!

icatchers was approached by an industry partner, Blake Brunne of Crowd Culture, to help develop a display for his client at the 2017 EB Games Expo on the Gold Coast and PAX Melbourne 2017. The client, Nintendo, is one of the most popular providers in the gaming space catering from the young right on up into the more mature gamers.

The initial brief was for a display for a site measuring 25m x 19m (475m2) but the challenge was to make the same display fit to a site in Melbourne just a few weeks later at 15m x 19m. As the 19m depth was the constant, a display that could compress horizontally was the order of the day. This would involve keeping all the same elements across both displays but designing and building them in a way that they could be reduced in width but remain functional and relevant.

Each section of the display space was allocated to the promotion of different gaming products, some current, some updated and some as new releases. This dictated the space and location they were positioned. Among all this we had to include a gaming stage, large AV wall, seated viewing area, a selfie opportunity for ever popular Super Mario and an enclosed R18+ space.

The key was that with all of these separate and very important requirements, an efficient flow was required about the display to cater for the large number of gamers expected to target the site.

This was achieved by taking the majority of the large signage over head for the perimeter branding and then for all the internal spaces, a minimal amount of internal wall was included to allow positioning for the wall mounted screens and their operating hardware. Large multi position gaming tables were set up and all the major hardware was housed in a tech room to the side of the stage.

The outcome was a huge success with huge numbers recorded at both events and the versatility of the display worked to great effect.

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