How To Get The Most Out Of Your Trade Show Booth and Signage

Maximising your trade show is crucial. You’ve spent weeks planning and preparing and you want to get the most relevant visitors right? But how do you achieve that with your stand or booth? You may well be the best company at what you do, have the best products, have the best staff, have the best service etc, but if you can’t communicate that on the day of a show then you’re likely to not get the results you were hoping for. Let’s take a look at some tips to maximise your chances at a trade show or exhibition.

Keep It Simple

This part is crucial. Seriously, don’t stretch what your budget and stand can do. A complicated stand that is trying to cover too many messages will just be confusing for your audience whether they are the public or trade people. Think about what message your company wants to send. What are the company’s goals and objectives? Once you are clear on these and aren’t trying to do everything then your stand already has a much better chance of success. The keeping it simple approach applies to everything. Read on…

Get There Early

Getting there early means you have time, the one thing you won’t have when the show starts. All shows are up against the clock to maximise your opportunities. Things going wrong will eat into that a lot, plus if they are public and embarrassing (like your booth falling apart) it will damage your brand

Check Out The Competition

If you’ve got there early and set up satisfactorily, this should give you some time to wander around and see what your competition is doing. You might pick up some tips or be able to make some small adjustments to compete more strongly.

Make Your Giveaways Unusual & Tie In With Your Message

If you’re going to give away free loot, then make sure it connects with your messaging from the show. Don’t give away last year’s stuff that was leftover with different branding, messaging and aimed at products you’re not focusing on today. There’s plenty of quirky stuff out there that’s original, will create something of a buzz and not put off passers-by. And if it’s all branded like our booth then your message will be stronger.

Maximise Your Other Marketing Strategies

We’re telling you to keep your graphics simple and uncluttered, but at the same time you also want to mention “As seen on…”. Boosting your other online marketing will not only reinforce your message but draw curious unaware attendees to that marketing. Use QR codes and offer a freebie via social for interaction. Keep all your text short and simple to maximise this aspect.

Invest In a Good Booth or Stand

Lastly don’t skimp on a poor-quality booth or stand. Investing in a great display will make your company’s aims and objectives easier to achieve. For an obligation free consultation and help with all of this please give icatchers a call on 1300 422 824.

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