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Reasons Why Custom Signage Supports Your Company’s Growth and Profitability

It’s obvious that signs catch our attention, but some more so than others. Signs are designed with many factors involved, all working to deliver multiple messages to our brains either consciously, or subconsciously in a matter of seconds. Brand awareness is the backbone of most businesses and a well-crafted sign at a trade show or shopfront can have a big impact on your potential customer’s impressions. Behind every successful brand is a great sign.

  • On-premise signage attracts 17% more customers than word-of-mouth and 40% more customers than newspaper, Yellow Pages, TV, and radio
  • 52% of in-store shoppers surveyed named “on premise signage” as the reason for their visit
  • The average storefront sign is seen 50-60 times per month by those who reside within five miles of the location

Custom Signs Support Your Marketing

Most people’s perception of business signs is for their name (and slogan if you have one) to build brand awareness. But if your brand has USP’s, targets a specific audience then your signage should reflect that. As well as the overall vibe of your company’s personality, is it formal or laid back? Is your style modern or retro? These things should all be reflected in your signage to support your overall message.

Advertise Special Promotions

Custom banners are an ideal way to promote sales, promotions, new products and grand openings etc. They’re inexpensive and easy to put up and take down.

Your Signage Reflects Your Brands Quality

In recent surveys (and some older ones) most of them say that more than two thirds (68 percent) of consumers believe a store’s signage is reflective of the quality of its products or services. This is backed up almost everywhere showing that your signage is incredibly important, especially to those who have never dealt with you. We all know the value of new clients and customers are the key to growth and success so having high-quality custom signs supports that.

Signs That Complement Their Surroundings Are More Effective

A great looking sign can be ruined if it’s not been designed with its position in mind. Moving signs around can be counter effective and decrease their performance. It’s far more effective to have a custom sign designed for its specific location so it can perform in all the ways mentioned above. Signs at trade shows should reflect the lighting and area available, whereas shopfront signs will need to work at night and be smaller. Each location is unique, as should your sign be.


With some professional help, it’s easy to see how custom designed and complementary signage will support your brand and growth. It’s very easy to get a lot of things wrong but with a little help, you can achieve better results and faster by talking to us.

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