“ROI” – The Key Focus for 2021 Success – A Client Case Study

ROI – “Return on investment – a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or compare the efficiency of a number of different investments.”

From the tumultous times of last year, we are finding more than ever that organisations are looking to spend their money more wisely and receive a return on investment for their hard work. These three words are consistently thrown around, we are all aware of it, we all want it, however sometimes the day to day and week to week of business gets in the way of identifying opportunities to increase it.

We were able to identify several examples we had with our clients over the last few years so share here a real life case study to potentially help you identify opportunities within your own business. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to see what brand solutions would work best for you.

Case study– Suzuki

The company partook in National trade exhibition roadshows across QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA.

They have been a client of icatchers for 4 years and in the past had looked after their display requirements themselves. By engaging with icatchers, Suzuki immediately lifted their Brand & event profile throughout Australia with a full corporate display. They looked serious in a very competitive market and have gained more market share as a result of their corporate presence at each event.

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Exhibition Displays Gallery

Opportunities icatchers identified to save costs:

Each year Suzuki utilises the same exhibition display stand. We simply add onto the existing stand with creative new icatching custom designed and built components.

By icatchers taking control of their entire event schedule, Suzuki were able to save money on:

  • Staff movements – staff no longer had to setup and dismantle the display at each event.
  • Transport – previously the team had to sort out logistics, trucks, bump in and out, icatchers took over all of this for them.
  • Event administration.

icatchers full management service offering catered to all of the above.

“ROI” amplified:

✔️ Utilised the same resources across different avenues, exhibition stand displays, fit-outs, showrooms, pop ups and events.

✔️icatchers handled the logistics and setup at each show saving their valuable staff resources to focus on their jobs (what they do best).

✔️ Access and memorability with several new markets and existing clients.

✔️ Went National with the roadshow without blowing budgets.

✔️ Most importantly, Consistency in Brand exposure wherever they exhibit.


Here’s a wrap up from Ty Hawkins the National Service Manager:

The Brisbane market in particular, is lucky to not be as affected as other States, when it comes to tradeshows, exhibitions or expos and because our factory, head office and team are local, we can be on-site, good value and provide a quality results for our clients. Talk to us about maximising your ROI for your next tradeshow or display.


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