Our Trade Show Display Stand Lets Your Brand Stand Out

Welcome to iCatchers – a very capable full-service company that will work with you all the way to design your custom showroom or retail space.

Are you looking for ways to make your company’s presence felt? One excellent way would be to join trade shows since a lot of people go to these shows due to their curiosity about today’s hottest brands. Of course, joining one isn’t enough as it would also be important to make a good impression on people who see your booth.

Enter iCatchers, a company that builds and designs your trade show display stand. Based in Brisbane and Melbourne, we just don’t service those cities alone. We also provide reliable service to those who are also located in Perth, Adelaide and Sydney.


Our dedication to what we do hasn’t gotten unnoticed. We’ve won lots of awards due to the amount of focus we put on each task. We’re not a company that likes to brag, but this only shows how passionate we are in what we do. Contact us today to begin your first step in making your brand’s presence felt.

24-7 Troubleshooting

Other than designing your trade show display stand, we’ll make sure everything goes according to plan. Hence, you can contact us anytime the moment you find out something is wrong. The last thing we’d want to happen is for you to not know what you’ll do when a problem arises. You must always remember we’re only one call away. When you call us, we respond in a prompt manner.

High RoI

We know the amount of time and money you invested in the trade show. Therefore, we’ll make sure you get lots of income when you show up there. You won’t believe the amount of attention your display stand will get. We see to it that you’re going to be so proud of your own booth, you won’t hesitate to post about it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media channels. It won’t be long before you’ll be counting on the number of deals you secured when the event is over.

Diverse Offerings

We’re 100% focused on making you stand out from your competitors. We’re fully aware that your competitors also have their own booth in the trade show. Hence, we’ll make sure you’ll not only have a better-looking trade show display stand, but you won’t know how they’re doing due to the amount of attention you’ll get. When all is said and done, you’ll feel great because you’ll be solely focused on handling all the enquiries that come in.

Once you decide to join a trade show, you now know who to call – iCatchers. We’ll make sure you make a lasting impression on all the people who go to your trade show display stand. In fact, you’ll be so busy entertaining so many people that you’ll lose track of time.

Contact us today and we’ll schedule a consultation when we can talk about your next project. We’re looking forward to helping you achieve your company’s goals.