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A brand-new sales and marketing direction for B&D Doors saw them collaborate with icatchers to design and construct a state-of-the-art showroom/selection centre.

Situated on the Gold Coast at Arundel is a brand new 260 square metre state of the art showroom and selection centre designed and constructed by icatchers, for B&D Doors. As one of the most trusted brands in Australia, B&D Doors grasped the opportunity to work with icatchers and redirect their brand into the future with a new showroom/selection centre.

The showroom was designed and built to firstly showcase and benchmark the B&D Doors brand moving forward for their dealership network, to reference how to display B&D Doors products. Secondly, provide a professional “selection centre” for clientele to experience the B&D Doors brand which also included a range of new products.

The new space housed a number of new B&D Doors products and technology which included varying ranges, finishes and colours of garage doors, new technology for garage doors (safety, smartphone applications, entry and exit options), reception, informal meeting and consultation areas, a children’s play area, while parents are being consulted, and hospitality for clients during their visit.

The showroom was fully designed, constructed and installed by icatchers and included management of external contractors required whilst maintaining the highest standard of finishes throughout.

icatchers were responsible for all production and installation of digital format graphics within the showroom including large decals, product information panels and corporate information about B&D Doors.

B&D Doors were incredibly proud of their new showroom which truly benchmarked and paved the way forward with their brand direction making it clear to stakeholders what the future looked like.

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