Grab Attention with an Impressive LED Sign

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LED signs are like the mother of all signs. They grab attention of anyone and everyone in the vicinity with their high visibility and glowing backdrop. You literally cannot ignore them!

LED signs can be set up inside or outside, made single or double sided, customised with multiple texts, images and videos and be set to scroll.

icatchers can design your LED signage, to suit your brand and audience. LED signs are great for all types of businesses including; cafes, restaurants, super markets, computer shops, retail stores, gas stations and much more. Proven to increase sales and community awareness, LED signs are a powerful advertising option for any business.

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Why Use iCatchers LED Signs?

Any business wishing to get more leads and sales will benefit from an iCatcher LED sign. Reasons to choose LED signs;

  • Brighter and grab more attention than ordinary signs
  • Cost effective and has low electricity consumption
  • Need little to no maintenance
  • Long lasting with the LED modules having a long lifespan
  • Highly versatile. You can easily update the LED message from your computer!
  • Extremely visible and engaging
  • They will advertise your business well, being virtually impossible to miss

Catapult Your Brand with a Highly Visible LED Sign

LED signs are the ideal way to advertise your business, an event or a new product. Have yours set inside or outside or even on a trailer to ride around town. Talk with the specialised icatchers team to build you a unique LED sign.

Enhance your unique brand

Using signage is the perfect way to support your marketing initiatives. We specialise in creating signage for exhibition displays, showroom fit outs, corporate events, product launches and for shops or offices. Call or Message us now to get your LED signage off to a great start.