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Interaction: The New Buzzword for Exhibition Displays & Trade Shows

The traditional face to face trade show is one of the most effective ways for a business to connect with new and old customers, build brand awareness and identify new opportunities.

The trade show game is changing

However, in an era where dependence on technology is on the rise, customers are beginning to expect much more from exhibitors and their exhibition displays. This means that businesses will need to adapt if they want to WOW new and old customers.

At icatchers we’ve learned over the years that your exhibition and trade show display will need to stand out from the crowd and encourage attendees to engage and interact. This requires going beyond simply showing up on the day. Why not use technology as a way to draw in and excite your potential customers?

Get to know your customers

In our experience, getting customers to engage and interact with your display requires knowledge of your ideal customer, including who they are, what they need and want and what their goals are. By building on this information, you can adapt your display to suit.

Check out our previous post, Attracting the right customers for strategies on identifying who your ideal customers are.

Create unique experiences and increase customer interaction

In a technology-driven world, incorporating unique, interactive and immersive experiences is an excellent way of engaging customers and increasing how likely they are to interact with your display. If you’re hoping to have trade show attendees queueing up for a look at your display, technologies like augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) are enticing, hands-on options.

These relatively new technologies are currently generating plenty of interest in the trade show world, thanks to their ability to fully immerse a person in an experience. Research suggests that upwards of 71% of consumers believe that the use of such technologies indicates a brand that is bold and forward-thinking.

Personalise opportunities for interaction

Do keep in mind that attendees will want to interact with your display in different ways. So, to get the best results out of your display, don’t forget to put some thought into personalisation options.

Not every potential customer will want constant, face to face interaction with sales staff. There is a perfect opportunity to incorporate options that will allow customers to engage in self-guided interaction. This will have the benefit of allowing customers to move at their own pace and engage and interact with the display on their own terms.

On the other hand, some potential customers will be more interested in a chance to develop a strong sense of connection with another person. These customers will expect a greater level of personal interaction, which will require the presence of skilled and knowledgeable sales people.

Download the first quarter’s 2020 Trade show, Exhibition Display and Conference Checklist HERE

The icatchers team will work with you from concept to final installation to ensure that your display will be one that stands out from the crowd. Don’t hesitate to contact our team by email with any questions or comments at, or give our office a call on 1300 422 824.

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